Everyone knows the word and at least something about the Titanic.

The Titanic survivor from Halifax - Hilda Slayter Titanic story is one of myriad mysteries, never to be solved for absolute. This is one of the reasons I became so absorbed (obsessed?) in her story. All those passenger and crew stories (over 2200 of them!) to study, provide endless hours of discovery!
One Titanic Lady The word Titanic is even part of our modern vocabulary, sometimes used to describe something large or overwhelming and in another less flattering meaning, something disasterous, something on its way "down"or sinking. OneTitanic luggage tag of my favorite comments about the Titanic comes from the discoverer of the sunken ship herself-Dr. Robert Ballard. For me, it too, says it all when it comes to the Titanic. One Titanic Lady "Whether you’re a little girl or little boy, man or woman, the Titanic seems to find a magic button in you. It’s not the same button in each person. It sort of puts out a chord of music-and, in that, touches each of us." - Dr. Robert Ballard

I hope you enjoy my website-there’s lots to look around in and meet some of the people I’ve "dragged" into Titanic’s whirlpool with me!!

One Titanic Lady

Molly On Deck

A berg in her bottom would make her drink, enough in a couple of hours to sink.
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