About Me

My name is Vickey Gearring, and I admit it—I’m seriously crazy about the Titanic! I call myself a TITANICOLOGIST. A word I made up to describe myself. Don’t look for it in the dictionary.

After I had raised my family and had time for myself-I started giving themed tea parties and eventually worked the Titanic theme into them. I always dress as my favorite Titanic lady, Molly Brown. I asked my friends and family to come dressed as a Victorian Lady-hat included of course. Then I had to have reproduction Titanic dinnerware so everything would be authentic looking. I (or my boarding steward played by my sister Debbie) would hand out a boarding pass to each lady as they came in with the name of a real Titanic lady and a little bit of their history on it. Then I hid a slip of paper with a YES or NO under their tea plate. After the tea, Standing on Titanics Grand Staircase they could find out if "they" lived or perished with the ship. I would also give a little talk on the Titanic and her passengers. I had several groups of people here at different times and then people started asking me if I would come out to their church or group to give a Titanic presentation.

I started collecting anything I could find about the Titanic. My sister helped me make display boards to take with me listing every passenger on the Titanic. Now I have all kinds of neat displays to share, along with 20 notebooks with information and pictures about every person aboard. These books took me over 6 months to put together, and I'm adding to them, as I discover new information, all the time. I use them at every Titanic presentation. I have displays for each class-with some dishes, reproduction items, which include a deck chair and life vests, and even a large 12 foot long cardboard TITANIC my husband Dan built for me! It now takes nearly TWO SUV loads to get all my display "stuff" to an event!!

Another friend helped me put together my presentation on cd so that I can show pictures of the people I talk about, which I think makes it more interesting for the people watching. I’ve been to churches, senior citizen groups, home schooled kids, and school classes to present the Titanic. I even got to be a docent for one of the traveling Titanic exhibitions at the OMSI in Portland, Oregon one summer.

Be sure and check out the Titanic events and journeys pages too!

I live in Boise, Idaho with my (very tolerant!) husband Dan, and my naughty little cairn terrier, Sophie. Included in my family are two children, a son-in- law, and two Titanic grandchildren-Libertee and Lily-all of whom have filled in with various Titanic duties!

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