2004 Events

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Kuna Ladies Titanic Luncheon Kuna Ladies Titanic Luncheon
October, 2004

The ladies here at Kuna did a lovely job of decorating the tables for this luncheon. The programs at each table setting were especially elegant, done in white with a raised gold logo on front. My daughter's friend Jennifer, handmade them for this event. Very much first class!...Read More
Boise Seniors Boise Seniors
September, 2004

This was a presentation I gave for the Seniors at my own home church. Steward Debbie was there to board them all and hand out the passes...Read More
Melba Ladies Club Luncheon Melba Ladies Club Luncheon
September, 2004

I was asked to give my Titanic presentation to a club of Melba ladies. Steward Egg-(my daughter Skee) helped board the passengers that day...Read More
Salem Mystery Tour Salem Mystery Tour
August, 2004

This Salem, Oregon travel agency got a recommendation from OMSI to use me as their Molly Brown for their mystery tour day. I was pretty surprised when the owner called and asked me if I'd fly over to Portland-then he'd pick me up and drive me to Salem. There, we got on a big tour bus full of all kinds of interesting people. It was their job to guess who I was and where we were going for the day. I greeted each person as they boarded the bus. I gave them several hints as to my name-and it did take them awhile to guess who I was.
College of Southern Idaho College of Southern Idaho
July, 2004

This was a special day for the college. Dr. Robert Ballard, the man who discovered the sunken Titanic in 1985, was going to talk to the audience here and even answer a few questions. As this was live, from on board a ship in the Atlantic Ocean over the Titanic, he could only speak with us for a few minutes...Read More
OMSI - Titanic Exhibition OMSI - Titanic Exhibition
Summer, 2004

The the days I spent that summer as a docent for the Titanic exhibition were a Titanicologists dream!! I met literally thousands of people from EVERYWHERE!! Had my picture taken with all kinds of people! ...Read More
OMSI - Gala OMSI - Gala
May, 2004

What a great Titanic event for me!! I had a fabulous new dress made to wear just in time for this event...Read More
Meridian Friends Church Titanic Tea Meridian Friends Church Titanic Tea
May, 2004

This was a ladies only tea. Lots of lovely costumes here. This turned out to be a pretty good size group. It took awhile for steward Latimer and her assistant to "board" them all. They started their tea with a small class of sparkling water-in a glass according to their boarding pass ...Read More

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