2005 Events

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Ship of Dreams Ship of Dreams
May, 2005

A local private Christian high school asked if I'd allow them to use my Titanic props for their homecoming prom. My husband and I took as much Titanic stuff as we could get in one trip. We set up in the community hall for them. They all had their prom pictures taken with the TITANIC behind them.
Meridian Senior Clubhouse Dinner on the Titanic Meridian Senior Clubhouse "Dinner on the Titanic"
April, 2005

This Titanic dinner was in a small neighborhood senior clubhouse. The ladies prepared a delicious meal. They even had real flowers from their own gardens on the tables. There was one gentleman there who was especially excited for this Titanic dinner because he insisted that he had an aunt that sailed on the Titanic...Read More
Men In Ministry Titanic Evening Men In Ministry Titanic Evening
February, 2005

This Titanic evening was one of my very favorites! This event included the men and it was a lot of fun to have them there. Lots of the men, as well as the women, dressed Victorian for the occasion. How splendid they looked!...Read More

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