Fourth Grade Presentation

I was invited to give my Titanic presentation to my granddaughter's 4th grade class. My daughter Skee helFourth Grade Presentationped board the passengers. Another nearby class wanted to join in so we had a few more passengers along for the ride!

I told them the Titanic story, let them look at the picture boards, ask questions, feel an "iceberg" and try on the lifejackets. Some of the kids had their picture taken with the lifejackets on. We had the kids do a little work by looking up their Titanic name and finding some information on them. I always enjoy working with kids about this age. They are always so inquisitive and have some interesting questions!! I think the kids enjoyed the afternoon with me and I am now known as Libertee's Titanic Grandma!!

Libertee has told me that this year some of her classmates have asked if her Titanic Grandma is visiting again this year!! Isnt it fun to be wanted??!!!

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