Melba 4th of July Parade

I decided to enter my big Titanic as a float in Melba's 4th of July parade. The guys loaded it onto a trailer. We put a dark blue tarp under the Titanic-then decorated the trailer edges with a fringe of glittery blue all around it so it sparkled like it was in water. My husband Dan, made a couple of icebergs to add to Melba 4th of July Paradethe scene. We were advertising for a small church in Melba so we added a nice big sign in front of our float that said "God's Love Is Titanic".

I wore a long summer dress and hat for this event. My granddaughter Libertee, and her friend Megan, dressed in darling Victorian dresses and joined me on the float. My two sisters wore Titanic lifejackets and pretended they were "survivors" and rode on the float too. We threw out "lifesavers" candy to the crowd as we sailed along the parade route. While we were waiting in line to start the parade, two people from the parade committee, walked up and handed us the "GRAND PRIZE" trophy!!! I was amazed and very happy! But after all- The Titanic is a rather unique sight to see in a 4th of July parade.

The driver who pulled the float along was my daughter's father-in-law, John Wood. I think he rather enjoyed all the commotion our float made, too. They kept announcing over the loud speaker that we were the Grand Prize float of the parade!! We all enjoyed waving to the crowd and having them wave back at us with a hearty "Happy 4th of July". It was a one time event and we had a great time with our moment in the spotlight!

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