Homedale "Titanic Evening" Dinner

This Titanic Homedale Titanic Evening Dinner dinner/presentation was put on as a fundraising event for a church in a small community. They were in the process of building a new church and needed to raise funds to help finish some of the buildings expenses.

The ladies presented tables with beautiful place settings of all colors and patterns. All very 1st class!

This neat group of people really went all out with their Victorian attire. I believe nearly everyone who attended came dressed in period clothing. I know some of the ladies made their lovely gowns just for this evening. Even some of the men came dressed in slacks and fancy vests-pocket watch hanging from the front pocket, along with black top hats. Very Victorian!

Chief Homedale Titanic Evening Dinner Steward Latimer (Debbie) boarded the passengers for the evening while the assistant props steward (Connie) handed out various props that went with the presentation.

2nd Officer Charles Lightoller (Carl) and his wife came to this event with me. He always adds a bit more Titanic ambiance for the group when he comes—dressed in his officers' uniform! The meal was superb with a delicious tri tip steak served as the main course.

The crowd listened to the Titanic story and even asked a few questions afterward. They spent a little time looking up their Titanic person in the display notebooks. After the presentation, we all got together, the whole group! and had our picture taken.

The church secretary sent out picture thank yous to everyone for their help and donations-which I thought was very classy. They later reported a good amount of cash was raised for the church building project. That made me happy to know that I could contribute to this worthy project for this great group of people!

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