Private School 4th grade class Titanic Presentation

The teacher of this small class of 4th graders invited me to come present the Titanic story to her class. It was a sPrivate School 4th grade class Titanic Presentationmall group so it was fun getting to know the kids.

I dressed in my long black dress, complete with black feather boa. I enjoyed the looks on their faces when they walked into the classroom after recess and saw me standing there to greet them! They each received a boarding pass with a Titanic persons' name on it. They listened well to the Titanic story and asked several interesting questions. They also liked looking at the pictures of the Titanic people on my display boards. They had to look up their person in my notebooks and gather some information on them. Then we played a short quiz game. After the presentation they all wanted to have their picture taken wearing the Titanic lifejackets.

I enjoyed my time with this nice group of students as well as their lovely teacher, Lynn.

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