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OneTitanicLady Launches her Website OneTitanicLady Launches her Website
August, 2007

My son and I have spent many many hours working on getting the OneTitanicLady's website up and running. I had NO idea the time it takes to make a website. My son has done a FABULOUS job with it and I hope we can maintain it and add interesting facts, events, and pictures all the time! I sent out about 35 launch tickets to family and friends. I sure hope people enjoy all our hard work!!
Melba 4th of July Parade Melba 4th of July Parade
July, 2007

I decided to enter my big Titanic as a float in Melba's 4th of July parade. The guys loaded it onto a trailer. We put a dark blue tarp under the Titanic-then decorated the trailer edges with a fringe of glittery blue all around it so it sparkled like it was in water. My husband Dan, made a couple of icebergs to add to the scene. We were advertising for a small church in Melba so we added a nice big sign in front of our float that said "God's Love Is Titanic"...Read More
Homedale Titanic Evening Dinner Homedale "Titanic Evening" Dinner
April, 2007

This Titanic dinner/presentation was put on as a fundraising event for a church in a small community. They were in the process of building a new church and needed to raise funds to help finish some of the buildings expenses...Read More
Private School 4th grade class Titanic Presentation Private School 4th grade class Titanic Presentation
April, 2007

The teacher of this small class of 4th graders invited me to come present the Titanic story to her class. It was a small group so it was fun getting to know the kids...Read More
Fourth Grade Presentation Fourth Grade Presentation
March, 2007

I was invited to give my Titanic presentation to my granddaughter's 4th grade class. My daughter Skee helped board the passengers. Another nearby class wanted to join in so we had a few more passengers along for the ride!...Read More

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