Were Jack and Rose "real" people?
No, they are strictly characters thought up for the movie TITANIC.

Whatever happened to Captain EJ Smith?
He perished with his ship. No one knows for sure what he was doing as the ship was sinking. There are several versions of his last moments. One says he was at the helm awaiting his impending doom. Another version says he was swimming in the water giving a baby to someone in a lifeboat and then swam away never to be seen again. We'll just never know.

Are there any Titanic survivors still alive today?
Millvina Dean UPDATE:
I am saddened to report that Titanic's last survivor, Millvina Dean, passed away in England on Sunday, May 31, 2009. Her death brings the end of an era. Like Jack told Rose in the last Titanic movie-- "you'll die an old lady-warm in her bed" and that's the way Millvina left us. Titanic's maiden voyage is finally finished.

England's Millvina Dean (3rd class passenger) was only 2 month's old-born on Feb 2, 1912-when the Titanic sank. She and her family were living in England and decided to emigrate to America. Millvina, her mother and brother all survived the sinking-her father did not. To this day, she says she never takes ice in her drinks! She has enjoyed several years of speaking publicly about the Titanic. She has attended several Titanic exhibitions and Titanic Society events over the years. Recently, she sold some of her Titanic collectibles to help pay for her nursing care. Another Titanic survivor, Barbara West Dainton, died in Oct. 2007 at age 96. She did not want to be bothered by those "Titanic" people and refused to discuss the Titanic. The last U.S. Titanic survivor, Lillian Gertrud Aspland, died at age 99 in May 2006. Lillian was 5 years old when she survived the sinking-along with her mother and one of her brothers. Lillian (an insurance clerk), did not want any publicity and rarely spoke about the Titanic-even when offered money. She made the comment- "Look what I lost-a father and 3 brothers!"

What do the initials in RMS Titanic stand for?
The RMS means ROYAL MAIL STEAMER. In the Titanic era only ships that were certified to carry the mail would have those initials in front of their names. Thousands, perhaps a million, family letters, post cards, packages, and business mail, along with lots of love letters, were lost with the Titanic.

What is the purse that launched a 1000 stares?
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