On The Trail of Kate Buss Willis

In JuOn The Trail of Kate Buss Willisly 2006, on a trip to the coast with my daughter, and granddaughters, I decided to seek out yet another of Titanic's passengers. Well, hey-She wasn't THAT far out of our way.

Kate Buss was On The Trail of Kate Buss Willison her way to San Diego, from England, to start a new life with her husband-to-be, Samuel Willis, whom she married on May 11, 1912. She had a little emotional trouble adjusting to life in her new homeland but raised her family there and had a good life, until her husband passed away. She missed her family who were now living in Monmouth, Oregon.

She decided to move there to be near them. Here, she lived out her senior years. She attended the St. Hilda's Episcopal Church where her son-in-law was the Pastor. We stopped and took pictures at the cute little old church building with its narrow wooden steps in front. The steps Kate climbed many times I'm sure.

We laOn The Trail of Kate Buss Willister asked for directions to the Fircrest Cemetery but got a rather vague answer. So off we went anyway, hoping we were going in the right direction, winding our way thru some little country roads til we finally came across the place we were looking for.

We all jumped out and looked in different sections of the cemetery, looking at every grave. Finally on the distant breeze I could hear "Grandma we found her". My granddaughter Libertee had found Kate.

And there she lay—"Titanic Survivor" etched in the stone.

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