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Rossmore Edward Abbott Rossmore Edward Abbott (16)
Rossmore was born in 1896 to Stanton & Rosa Abbott. His father was a well known heavyweight boxer from Rhode Island. Stanton deserted his family and he and Rosa were divorced, which was pretty hard on Rossmore and his younger brother Eugene. Needing her family, Rosa (who also went by the name Rhoda) decided to return to England in 1911.

Rossmore had a job working in a jewelry store to help out the family. He was an excellent student while he lived in America and had received an award called the Anthony Medal for his academic excellence. He was so excited to return to the Oxford Street School in America, he wrote his school chums he was "coming home!" They boarded the great ship Titanic with third class tickets.

The night of the sinking Rossmore, along with Rosa, and his brother,stood on the deck watching the commotion. Rosa knew they'd never let the boys get into a lifeboat with her. They were considered men, afterall. Hoping to stay together, they grabbed each other's hand as the water leaped up over them.Rosa was rescued by another boat floating nearby-but she never saw her sons again.

Rossmore's body was found by the recovery ship Mackay-Bennett. He was too disfigured to be embalmed and was buried at sea. In his pocket they found his Anthony Medal.
The Hudson Allison Family
The Hudson Allison Family
The Hudson Allison Family
Hudson Allison-(31) born 12/18/181 Ontario, Canada
Bess D. Allison-(25) born 11/14/1886 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Helen Lorraine Allison (2) born 6/5/1909
Hudson Trevor Allison (11 mths.) born 5/7/1911

"Hud" and Bess met , fell in love, and married (against her parents wishes!) on his 26th birthday in 1907. They had two children.

Lorraine and Trevor were 2 adorable, lucky children. They were born into a loving, devoutly Methodist family of wealth and comfort.

Hud had become a successful businessman, earning his own money by ambition and hard work. They had homes in Montreal, London and his home town of Chesterville, Ontario, Canada, where they raised fine thoroughbred horses. They also served their church in various positions, including teaching Sunday school and sometimes Hud would even preach a sermon.

The family had been on a European holiday/business trip in the spring of 1912. They bought fine antiques and furniture for their various homes and were returning when they purchased 1st class tickets on the beautiful new ship Titanic. They also had their children's nannies with them.

The night of the sinking, after becoming aware of some kind of danger, Trevor's nanny Alice, decide to bundle him up and get to the lifeboat deck without telling his parents she was taking Trevor with her. She managed to get herself and Trevor into a waiting life boat.

Hud and Bess, hearing of the danger, went into the other bedroom to get Trevor, only to find him gone! Grabbing Lorraine, they frantically searched the ship for Trevor. Bess told Hud she would not get into a lifeboat without Trevor! At some point, a nearby seaman tried to persuade little Lorraine to get into a boat. Bess would not let her get in, keeping her with them on the deck, waiting, waiting...panicked about what to do next.

Only Trevor and his nanny survived that night. Bess and Lorraine were never to be seen again. Lorraine became the only first class child to perish with the Titanic. Bess was one of four first class ladies to die.

Hud's body was recovered and buried in his hometown of Chesterville. Trevor was the last of this loving family until he too, died at age 18 in 1929, of ptomaine poisoning at his aunt and uncles' home. Trevor now rests beside his father.
Edgar Samuel Andrew Edgar Samuel Andrew (17)
Born in Argentina on 3/28/1895

Edgar was studying in Bournemouth, England when he was invited to attend a wedding in the USA. He also had a job awaiting him there. He was supposed to travel on the ship "Oceanic" but because of the coal strike he was transferred to the Titanic.

He was not happy about the change in his travel plans whatsoever! He wrote a letter to a friend stating:

"I am boarding the greatest steamship in the world, but I don't really feel proud of it at all-right now I wish the Titanic was lying at the bottom of the ocean."

Edgar Samuel Andrew died in the sinking-his body was never found. In April 2001 RMS TITANIC salvors found his suitcase and hat from the wrecksite. I saw that hat at a Titanic Exhibition in Phoenix this year.

Edgar Samuel Andrew got his wish.
John Jacob Astor John Jacob Astor
He was the richest man on the ship at 47 years old. He had recently divorced, and married 19 year old Madeleine Force, causing a serious scandal!! They had been to Europe and Egypt on an extended honeymoon. She was "with child" on the return trip. They were secretly hoping the "wagging tongues" would be still by the time they returned. The night of the sinking JJ had torn open a lifevest to show Madeleine that it was filled with fibers to prevent one from sinking. I don’t know if she really believed him or not - as she got into a lifeboat without him. The story goes that JJ then went down to the bottom of the ship to let the dogs out of their cages, including his own dog, Kitty. Madeleine remembered seeing Kitty running up and down the decks of the sinking ship.
TQuigg Edmond Baxter (24) Quigg Edmond Baxter (24)
1st Class Passenger
Born 7/13/1887

Born into a wealthy Canadian family, Quigg attended the finest schools. He was a very handsome young man. He also was an excellent athlete, excelling in hockey and football. In 1907 he lost an eye during a hockey game and could no longer play-so he coached and organized the first international hockey tournament in Paris.

He dropped out of McGill University to travel to Europe with his sister and mother.

In Brussels he met and fell in love with a lovely cabaret singer named Berthe Mayne-aka Bella Vielly-which she used as her stage name. Quigg wanted to take Berthe home with him to Montreal, so he booked her (first class of course) on the Titanic under the assumed name Madame DeVilliers. He mother became ill during the voyage and had retired to her cabin-which made it easier to woo his mysterious lover!

The night of Titanic's sinking he made sure his mother, sister, as well as Berthe, (who didn't want to get into the boat without Quigg) were secured in a lifeboat. His last words to his girls was "Au revoir bon espoirvous autres"-Goodbye and keep your spirits up everyone! He waved his last goodbye-as he perished later that night with the Titanic.
Thomson Beattie (37)
Thomson Beattie (37)
1st Class Passenger
Born 11/25/1875

Thomson was the youngest member of a large Presbyterian, Canadian family. He grew up to become quite a successful businessman.

Thomson had been on a winter vacation in Europe with a couple of his friends, who all decided they were tired and wanted to go home, booking their 1st class tickets on Titanic.

The night of the sinking he was lucky enough to scramble into possibly the last available lifeboat. His luck ran out later during the cold, dark night on the sea, as he died of exposure. The Carpathia came to rescue the survivors only, of Titanic.

A month later the ship Oceanic came across a bobbing Titanic life-boat with three victims onboard. Thomson and his mates were collected, sewn into canvas bags and properly buried at sea.
James Dawson James Dawson
James Dawson
Neshan Krekorian (26) Neshan Krekorian (26)
3rd Class Passenger
Born 5/12/1886 in Armenia

Neshan decided to emigrate to Ontario, Canada after religious problems in his own country. He had never learned to read but was a very intelligent young man. He wasn't very happy to be onboard the Titanic and made a comment about being "cooped up like a chicken".

There is some controversy about his getting into a lifeboat. Some say he jumped in ahead of others and some say he was ordered to get in-whichever, he survived the sinking-a rarity for a 3rd class man. He made his way to Ontario, Canada but needed rest due to his bout of pneumonia. He eventually married-but never again did he go near a boat.

He died May 21, 1978 at the old age of 92.
Berthe Antonine Mayne (24) Berthe Antonine Mayne (24)
(aka Madame De Villiers)
(aka Bella Vielly)
Born 7/2/1887 in Belgium

Berthe was a cute, fun-loving caberet singer who performed under the name of Bella Vielly. A Belgium newspaper wrote of her as being "well known in circles of pleasure and was often seen in the company of people who liked to wine and dine and enjoy life!" A most scathing commentary!!

While performing in a cafe in Brussels she met Mr.Quigg Baxter, a dashing young American. He persuaded her to sail with him to America and on to Canada-on the great new ship Titanic. He didn't want his mother to know about his mysterious lover so Quigg booked her room very close to his, under the assumed name of Madame DeVilliers. It was rather in vogue to register under an assumed name in those days anyway. The night of the sinking Berthe wanted to go back to her cabin to get some jewelry she'd left behind, but Molly Brown talked her out of it and helped Quigg get her into a lifeboat.

After surviving the sinking she went on to Montreal with Quigg's family and stayed for a few months, but eventually returned to Europe and resumed her career.

In her old age she tried to persuade her family about her Titanic adventures with the dashing young American, but no one really believed her stories. After she died on 10/11/1962, while her family was going thru her things, they found a shoebox full of personal letters and photographs-the truth was revealed! Auntie Berthe had indeed told the truth about her Titanic adventures!!
Mrs. Edith Peacock Mrs. Edith Peacock
3rd Class Passenger

Edith was born into a large family of 10 children from Cornwall, England.

She left Cornwall in 1906, met and married Mr. Benjamin Peacock, a mechanical engineer. They settled in Southampton and had two children, Treasteall in 1908, and Alfred in 1911.

In early 1912 they decided to emigrate to America, but at the time they were to leave, Edith became too ill to travel. So it was decided Mr. Peacock would go on ahead to America by himself-leaving his family to come later.

Edith eventually recovered and bought a ticket on the Titanic for herself and her two children. She was excited to rejoin her husband in their new country.

But it was not to be-Benjamin would never see his family again- as Edith, Treasteall, and baby Alfred, all perished with the sinking Titanic.
Mary Anne Perreault Mary Anne Perreault
Mary Anne was born on 7/29/1878 in Quebec, Canada. She had 2 sisters-Agnes and Celina.

She later became a personal maid to Mrs. Charles Hays, a wealthy woman-who's husband was the president of a railroad.

They boarded the Titanic for their return trip to America. The night of the sinking, she and Mrs. Hays were put into lifeboat #3-and then rescued by the Carpathia. She eventually met and married, Joseph Pickett, and had a son named Earnest. They settled in Rodeo, California in the 1920's.

Mary Anne Perreault Pickett died on 11/18/1968 after living a good long life of 90 years.
Charles Joseph Shorney Charles Joseph Shorney (23)
3rd Class Passenger
Born 1889

By 1912, Charles was a young man of 23, eager to make his own way in the world. He had had some sadness in his life, when at 15, his mother died. She had pricked her finger with a rusty sewing needle and developed blood poisoning.

He had received his share of the family silver and decided to take it with him to America, sell it, and start his own taxi business.

He boarded the beautiful Titanic with a 3rd class ticket in hand ready to start his future. While on his trip, he wrote a postcard to his father stating that the Titanic was a peach!

The night of the sinking, Charles J. Shorney perished, along with his hopes for his future business and the silverware that would provide it.
Karl Thorston Skoog Karl Thorston Skoog
Karl was 11 yrs. old when he started out on his Titanic trip to America. He, along with his parents and brother and sisters were returning to America after a visit to the "old country" of Sweden. They were returning to their home in Iron Mountain, Michigan, where his father worked for a mine. Traveling with them were two young women, also from Sweden.

One day when Thorston was about 7 or 8, he was taking his fathers lunch to him via the railroad yard. He liked hopping onto the rail car for a ride in the direction of the mine whenever he could. But this time didn't turn out so well. He missed his perch as the train moved slowly by, slipped, and fell onto the tracks, just as the train jerked. His legs were pinned hopelessly under the wheels. The railroad workers rushed him to the hospital but the damage was done. Thorston lost his left leg and the toes on his right foot and forever after would have to walk on crutches.

In this group of 8 souls from Sweden, nary a one survived. Karl Thorston Skoog, born July 13, 1900 was lost with his family.

Only the body of one of the young ladies traveling with them was found.
Hilda Slayter Hilda Slayter
Hilda Slayter was the young adult daughter of a doctor in Halifax. She was studying voice in the hopes of becoming a professional singer. Unfortunately, her voice just didn’t live up to her hopes and dreams. So she settled on becoming Mrs. Hilda Slayter Lacon. She had been to Europe purchasing all kinds of fine laces, stockings, lingerie, etc. for her trousseau, as she was to be married soon. As it turns out however, all her fine things became water logged in her steamer trunks, and are laying on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. I did get to visit Hilda’s house in Halifax in 2005. It was empty, only her ghost remains.
George Wright George Wright
Self-made millionaire from Halifax, Nova Scotia

George Wright was the son of a farmer, but that didn't stop him from becoming a very wealthy Halifax businessman. Well traveled, he came up with the idea to put together and produce a World Business Directory. This venture was very successful and made him a fortune.

He was also very community minded. He decided to start up a building construction business. He built several downtown Halifax commercial buildings-which still stand today. He also felt the need to help the working poor by building affordable places for them to live. He donated one building to a women's group as a shelter. He had the means, desire, and money to help those less fortunate.

Even so-- that makes it odd that family members have said that he enjoyed children-but didn't care much for girls or women.

George booked his ticket on the Titanic at the last minute. His name isn't listed on the ships original manifest. Keeping to himself, no one even remembered seeing him during the voyage.

It is thought (by his friends) that because he was known to be a heavy sleeper, he probably went to bed on April 14th 1912 and just never woke up.

George Wright's body was never found.

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